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April-May 2023

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Pamela Pinkerton Mack is a self-taught oil painter, with interests in portraiture, landscape, still life, and abstract works. Although she did not begin painting until she was 50 years old, she has been drawn to art since she was a child. Located in the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee, she finds inspiration in nature.


Pamela enjoys and finds everything about the painting process exhilarating, especially the creation of something that was not there before - bringing art out of the void.


March 2023

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Jeff Carlton is a full-time print marketing specialist and part-time artist.  He minored in Commercial Art at Middle Tennessee State University, and has used visual arts as a creative outlet his entire life.

His art is also displayed at Greenhouse Ministries and The Experience Community Church.

“What I especially enjoy is visualizing a beautiful image in my mind and making it visible for others to see as well”, he says.

Jeff is a father of three and grandfather of three, and lives in Murfreesboro with his wife Lisa.

February 2023

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“Music paints a picture and colors sing.” American painter and bilingual singer/songwriter Dalia Garcia grew up in Madrid, Spain and Irmo, South Carolina. She has now lived in Nashville, Tennessee for over 25 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art Studio from the University of South Carolina and is a former Miss South Carolina. Dalia grew up in a U.S. Military family, like a modern nomad, traveling and living around the world. Madrid, Spain was her home for seven years. After college, Dalia was lucky to have many passions. Music took her around the world, singing backup and a duet with Julio Iglesias. She also landed two record deals, one with Universal Music, and has performed with numerous bands over the years. “I’ve always thought of visual art and music as coexisting.” Dalia uses bold and vibrant colors which she says are, “emotional synonyms for happiness and exhilaration.” Her expressionistic-style paintings are the result of her exploration of the peaceful harmonious coexistence of nature, people, and the power of color, shape, and movement. Her objective is to remind us of the gift of childlike wonder and innocence that pulls at the heart strings and enkindles the imagination. “We’re bombarded all day long with news and information, mostly negative. I choose to unplug, live in the now, and hone in on the optimism, playfulness and serenity of a simple, beautiful moment.” Dalia uses her passion for music, dance, and travel, to make her dream world come to life!

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December '22 & January '23

Gréti grew up overseas and lived in the beautiful land of Transylvania for about twenty years. The faith and love of her family, along with the rich history and breathtaking landscapes of her home, have left a lasting impression on her and to this day, this heritage often finds expression in her paintings. Gréti began to spend more of her time painting shortly after she moved to the United States in 2019. She found that in a season of great joy and profound changes, as well as deep loss, form and color speak even when words fall short. Her paintings tell stories of God’s faithfulness in any and all situations.

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November 2022

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"My subject matter is whatever catches my heart at the time, whether it is a landscape, a tree in all its fiery glory, a bird singing outside my window, or a snowman visiting my home for the season, I bring it to life on my canvas. Most of my work is acrylic however I do dabble in oils and watercolors as the mood hits.
My show title says it best,

It is Just a Hobby." - Mary Frank Reed

September & October 2022

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August 2022

A.J. Montague

A.J. recently found herself in a place where her physical health could not maintain a job, and all she had left was an attic space, some old materials, and time. The attic space has been turned into her at-home, live-in studio where she paints all day and sleeps all night (in fact, all pieces of 2022 were created there)! Art has become her primary work, and she's finding herself happier than she's ever been in any other place!

Sandra Swayne

Sandra’s work has been described as emotive, expressive and detailed. Her style is realistic, and she prefers to use strong colors and painting in tonal values. She strives to challenge herself in the hopes of capturing emotion in her pieces. She gets inspiration from music and nature, but also enjoys painting a variety of subjects. Sandra finds that painting is a form of meditation, allowing her to escape from pain that she suffers from having autoimmune issues and traumatic losses in her life.