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The Gallery is the most versatile space at the Center for the Arts, serving as a reception hall, practice space for our theatrical productions, and housing a concession stand and full-service bar. Additionally, it holds a rotating selection of curated art from local artists.

For inquiries related to the art gallery, please contact us at (615) 904-2787 or

UPCOMING EXHIBIT - Maile Lani - Opening October 13th

Artist Statement

In the transitional space between wakefulness and slumber, a unique phenomenon emerges: fleeting visions of places that feel almost real, yet, like dreams, are unmistakably out of reach. "Portals: Places Unseen" is an exploration of this liminal realm, a series of visual narratives that straddle the tangible and the ethereal, reality and dream.

At the heart of each piece lies a portal—a circular scene nestled within another, mirroring the very nature of dreams within dreams, or worlds within worlds. These portals are not passive windows; they are vibrant, living entities. Bathed in a dreamy haze, they beckon the viewer to peer inside, revealing vast, otherworldly expanses. Some of these expanses are inhabited by beings that have become known to me as Guardians.

The Guardians are not mere creatures of fantasy; they carry a heavy mantle. They are the sentinels of the unknown, protectors of the portals—gateways to parallel universes. These universes, though seemingly distant, echo our own desires, fears, and dreams. The Guardians' sacred duty is to shield these entrances from discovery, occasionally leaving the confines of their home realms to ensure the sanctity of the portals.

Drawing inspiration from my own pre-slumber visions, this collection invites the viewer on a journey—a foray into the depths of the imagination, where one can traverse the boundaries of their known reality and dive into the infinite possibilities of the unseen. Each piece serves as a reminder of the expansive universe within us all, urging us to question, to dream, and to explore beyond the familiar.

Artist Bio

Maile Lani is a self taught artist and illustrator with a love for color theory and a background in Asian art. Working with a variety of mediums, she blends surrealism with modernist elements to create dream-like imagery that has deep roots in the natural world. Her main source of inspiration comes from her upbringing in art and antique business, where-in her family has been collecting Japanese art for close to 40 years. Maile currently lives outside of Nashville, sharing her home with her husband, infant daughter, and her own little Guardians: Waffles and Peaches, her beloved dog and cat.


Submit your work to be considered for an art exhibition in our gallery. Each exhibition includes a complimentary Artist Reception that takes place on the opening night of one of our main stage shows.

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