The Gallery is the most versatile space at the Center for the Arts, serving as a reception hall, practice space for our theatrical productions, and housing a concession stand and full-service bar. Additionally, it holds a rotating selection of curated art from local artists.

For inquiries related to the art gallery, please contact us at (615) 904-2787 or

Current Exhibit:

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May 13th - June 1st

robin j. caddell


Robin’s art is a joyful celebration of color, texture and movement. Of freedom, discovery and expression. Reminders of optimism, hope and the power of love in a tactile, visual form. “I have worked with paper and fabric for years, yet when I allowed myself the freedom to create without any pattern, restraint or limits did the artistry begin to materialize. Each piece is created with joy and love, and is meant to lift the spirit of the viewer.”

Robin Jackson Caddell is a multi- media artist and maker. Working with fabric, paper, fiber and acrylic paint, this self-taught artist draws from her fashion degree and experience to create pieces full of movement, texture and color. Robin’s influences range from couture fashion, nature and music to faith, the evidence of which is seen in the detail of her fluid paintings, the romantic whimsy of paper canvases and fiber sculpture. She lives with her fur baby, Wyatt, in Murfreesboro, TN.