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Big Fish – Audition Info:


Director – Connie Downer

Asst. Director - Ryan Green

Music Director – Cameron Roberts

Choreographer – Paige Lovell

Stage Manager – KJ Pace


Audition Dates and Times:


***There is one role for a 10 to 12-year-old boy in the show. Auditions for this role will be on Sunday, March 10 from 6:00 to 6:30 ONLY.


Auditions for all other roles will take place as follows:

Sunday, March 10 (6:30pm - 9:30)

Monday, March 1th  (7:00pm-9:30pm)

Callbacks – Wednesday, March 13th (7:00pm-9:30pm)


**Please be aware that we will be taking your picture and videoing portions of the audition to assist in our selection process. Pictures and videos will not be used for any other purpose than identification and casting selection and files will be deleted immediately after the casting process is complete.


Audition Signup:

Click here to sign up for your audition day

Click here to complete your audition form (Please note that paper forms will not be available, all audition forms must be completed electronically)


Audition Material:

For auditions:

  • There is one role for a 10 to 12-year-old boy in the show. This actor will portray Young Will and Will’s Son as well as two fun ensemble roles. Auditions will consist of singing a snippet of “You Are My Sunshine” acapella and a reading of a scene from the show which you can find in the “Audition Scenes” folder listed below.


  • Those auditioning for the roles of Edward, Will, Sandra or The Witch will be asked to sing a pre-selected 30-second cut of one of the following songs from the show:

    • Will - Stranger

    • Edward - Fight the Dragons OR How It Ends

    • Sandra - I Don’t Need a Roof OR Magic in the Man

    • The Witch - The Witch (I Know What You Want)


You will find tracks and lyrics for these songs at the “Big Fish Audition Cuts” link below. Simply select the folder for the character for which you are auditioning and follow the included links. Note that Sandra and Edward will have two song options each, please choose only one.


Big Fish Audition Cuts


  • Those auditioning for other roles may choose to sing one of the selections above OR bring a 30-second cut from a song in the style of the show. You may provide a track on your phone/tablet/etc. or choose to sing acapella. We will have the appropriate cables to connect your device. There will be no accompanist.


  • Dress to move. Everyone will be asked to do a simple dance routine.


  • Some of those auditioning for Edward, Will, Sandra, Josephine, Amos or Karl may be asked to cold read from the script. Edward and Sandra appear in the show at ages 16, 30 and 60. For cold readings, please take notice of the age of your character in the scene. We are looking for actors to show us the ability to portray both the vitality and innocence of 16,  and the maturity and physical reality of 60.


Although not everyone will be asked to read, we strongly recommend that you preview the scenes. You may be asked to read from one or more of the following selections:




  • You will be notified the morning of Tuesday, March 12 if you are being asked to callbacks on Wednesday, March 13.



Rehearsals will be on:

  • Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 6:30pm to 9:30pm


Please bring a list of all known conflicts to auditions as this will help to determine the final schedule.

The first rehearsal is on Sunday, March 17th at 6:30pm – It will be an ALL CALLED Read-Through in the Gallery.   It is mandatory for everyone to attend and fill out paperwork.


A final schedule with conflicts and scene/music breakdown will be provided at the read-thru

Tech Week is Sunday, June 9th – Thursday, June 13th. NO CONFLICTS WILL BE ALLOWED DURING TECH – There are no exceptions to this.



  • Starting June 14 through June 30

    • Fridays at 7:30pm (6pm cast call)

    • Saturdays at 2pm & 7:30pm (12:30pm cast call)

    • Sundays at 2pm (12:30pm cast call)


We will be striking the show immediately following the final matinee on Sunday, June 30. All cast members are expected to assist with strike.


Character Descriptions:


Note:  The play is set in Alabama and that location and its uniquely Southern traditions are central to the story. Other than Josephine, the characters in the show will need an Alabama accent. If you are proficient in the Alabama accent, please showcase it in your audition. If not, we will be providing accent coaching during the rehearsal process.


Edward Bloom: Male, 20s to 40s (Vocal Range: G2-G4, Charismatic Baritone/Tenor ) Edward is a man who sees the magic in the ordinary. He has a wonderful way of seeing what makes the world and the people in it special. He shares his fantastical view of the world through the tall tales he shares with anyone who will listen. He is charming, funny and a born storyteller.


Sandra Bloom: Female, 20s to 40s (Vocal Range: G3-E5, Bright Soprano with Mix/Belt )  Sandra Bloom is a woman with an imagination of her own. She knows how special her husband is. She loves how his stories make her see the world as a magical place as well. She wishes that their analytical son Will could appreciate what makes his father wonderful.


Will Bloom: Male, 20s to 30s (Vocal Range: C#3-G4, Strong Broadway Tenor) Will Bloom is a kind, intelligent and overly analytical young man. He has listened to his father’s stories his whole life and, while others find them charming, Will just wants to know something about Edward that is real. He cannot shake the feeling that he doesn’t actually know his father and that Edward may be hiding something behind all his stories.


Josephine: Female, 20s to 30s (Vocal Range: Mix/Belt to C5) Josephine is a successful news reporter who met and fell in love with Will when they were both reporting in Bhagdhad. She loves Will’s family, especially his father, Edward. Now pregnant with her and Will’s first child, she tries to help Will find a way to reconnect with his father before it’s too late.


Karl: Male, 20s to 50s (Vocal Range: A3-D4, Resonant Bass) In Edward’s stories Karl is a highly intelligent but solitary giant who lives in a cave on the outskirts of the small town of Ashton. He hides in the caves to escape the judgment of the townspeople who think he’s a monster because he is different. Edward convinces him to leave his cave and travel the world and the two men become best friends.

**Please note that this character will be on stilts much of the show so if you are afraid of heights this is not the role for you. Having said that, also note that you do not need to be unnaturally tall to play Karl although a deep speaking voice is preferred. If you have previous experience on stilts that is great but we will have an experienced stiltwalker training you.


Amos / Doc Avery: Male, 20s to 50s (Vocal Range: C3-G5, Comic Baritone) Amos is the gruff, blunt, and slightly shady owner and ringmaster of the Calloway Circus. You can tell that Amos does not always conduct his business above board, and does not always make his money in honest ways. But you will come to know that he’s a pretty good guy beneath it all. Amos has a dark secret. He is a werewolf.


The Witch / Mayor: Female, 20s to 50s. (Vocal Range: F3-F5, Mezzo with High Belt) We would prefer to cast a POC in this role. The Witch is a central figure in Edward’s stories. When he is a teen, she tells him his future, including how he dies. She is a wise, mysterious and mystical figure who roams the swamp outside of Ashton gathering herbs and roots for her incantations.


Young Will / Will’s Son / Failed Juggler / Boy in Park: Male 10 to 12 (Vocal Range: F4-C5) As a little boy, Will loved his father’s stories. But as he grew the stories seemed more and more implausible. By the time he is 10 or 11, Will prefers science and history to Edward’s stories. He loves his dad very much, but he is already beginning to feel like he doesn’t really know him.


Jenny / Mermaid / Circus Clown: Female, 20s to 40s.  (Vocal Range: Mix/Belt to E5) We would prefer to cast an actress with ballet training for these roles, specifically with experience on pointe.  Jenny and Edward have known one another since they were kids. In high school, she becomes his first girlfriend. Jenny is the most popular girl in Ashton, but she only has eyes for Edward. She never fully recovers when he leaves Ashton and starts a life without her.


Don / Fisherman / Father at Park: Male, 20s to 40s (Vocal Range: C3-F#4, Baritone ) Don and Edward have been each other’s nemesis forever. Although Don is a successful athlete and will go on to become the Mayor of Ashton in the future, he can never be quite as good at anything as Edward. Although Edward treats their rivalry with a sense of humor, Don takes it very seriously and it turns him into a bit of a bully.


Zacky / Zaximus / Sharecropper 1: Male, 20s to 40s  Zacky is Don’s younger brother and he wants to be just like his big brother. But Zacky does not have the physical strength or the personality to be an athlete or an intimidating bully like Don. And it’s kind of funny when he tries. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but you can’t help liking him.


Ensemble: 2 Female, 2 Male - Must be strong dancers. These actors will be featured in several dance numbers and they will portray multiple roles throughout the show.

Audition Information
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