the REview: a talk show

with Denise Parton and Mark Williams

Join these two amazing directors as they talk to each other and guests about all things

Center for the Arts, Center Stage Academy and the stage!

Episode 5:  Denise and Mark chat with the cast and crew of It's a Long Shot - the TV show written and filmed for Center Stage Academy this summer! Watch the episode of The REview and then watch all of the episodes of It's a Long Shot here

Episode 1: Mark and Denise chat with Nick True and Estella Williams 

Episode 3: Join Denise and Mark as they discuss his big scare with a large spider and Denise welcomes  two of her daughters, Brittany Griffin, CSA and CFTA’s choreographer and director and Autumn Denise, singer actor and kick boxing instructor. They will be singing in the shower!

Episode 2: Mark and Denise Discuss Hamilton with Caleb Mitchell!

Episode 4: Join Denise and Mark as they REview Schitt's Creek and chat with guests, Charlie Bartlett and Carolana!