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Director – Aaron Johnson

Stage Manager – Keri Boe


Audition Dates and Times:


  • Sunday, July 16th (7:00pm-9:30pm)

  • Monday, July 17th (7:00pm-9:30pm)



  • If needed – Wednesday, July 19th (7:00pm-9:30pm)


Audition Signup:

Click here to sign up for your audition day and time

Audition Material:

For auditions, please come prepared with a full memorized monologue that is no more than 90 seconds. If you are having trouble finding a monologue, please one of the monologues found here: AUDITION MONOLOGUES


  • If you are needed for callbacks, you will be notified by 11:00am Tuesday, July 18th, to return on Wednesday, July 19th.

  • These are very physical roles. Actors need to keep up with the physical demands of the show and some must be able to perform on a platform 6-8 feet high without a railing.



Rehearsals are tentatively scheduled for Tuesday & Thursdays from 630-930pm and Sunday from 6pm-10pm, however this schedule is subject to change based on cast availability if needed.


Please bring a list of all known conflicts to auditions as this will help to determine the final schedule.

The first rehearsal is on Sunday July 23rd at 6pm – It will be an ALL CALLED Read-Through in the Gallery.   It is mandatory for everyone to attend and fill out paperwork.


 A final schedule with conflicts and scene breakdown will be provided to you by the end of the first week of rehearsal.

Tech Week is Sunday, September 10th – Thursday, September 14th.

NO CONFLICTS WILL BE ALLOWED DURING TECH – There are no exceptions to this.


  • Friday, September 15th at 7:30pm

  • Saturday, September 16th at 7:30pm

  • Sunday, September 17th at 2:00pm

  • Friday, September 22nd at 7:30pm

  • Saturday, September 23rd 7:30pm

  • Sunday, September 24th at 2:00pm


Character Descriptions:


JONATHAN HARRIS is a working model, plays Charles Haversham who is found dead during his engagement party at the beginning of The Murder at Haversham Manor.


CHRIS BEAN is the hard-working head of the Cornley Drama Society who also directs and appears in the performance of The Murder at Haversham Manor as Inspector Carter, who is brought in to investigate the mysterious circumstances of Charles Haversham’s death.


ROBERT GROVE is a three-year member of the Cornley Drama Society and highly serious actor playing Thomas Colleymoore, an old school friend of Charles, who find him dead and suspects  murder, thus setting the events of the play in motion.


MAX BENNETT is a human geography and crime major at Cornley University, pulls double-duty as Cecil Haversham, the dimwitted younger brother of Charles, and Arthur the Gardener.


SANDRA WILKINSON plays Florence Colleymoore, a long-time member of the Cornley Drama Society, sister to Thomas and fiancée of Charles.


ANNIE TWILLOIL is the companys Stage Manager and also built the set for the performance.


TREVOR WATSON is the company’s lighting and sound operator, is only working with the Drama Society for a course credit.


DENNIS TYME plays Perkins, the longtime butler of Haversham Manor who is desperate to solve the murder of his employer and friend.

Audition Information
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