What happens when a rare virus attacks the world and your local live theater must shut down?  You try your hand at Television. Watch the crazy antics of CSA’s first sitcom, It’s a Long Shot.  As music Diva, Nate the Great, along with his cast and crew pursues fame and fortune during these unprecedented times.

Nate the Great, a community theater voice coach and performer, hopes to turn the spotlight back on during a time of community theater blackout, (and somehow boost his own fame) by turning a theatrical stage into a television set. However, what should be a fairly simple project, after all he is surrounded by talent, is stymied at every turn by the Director of Education, who is providing his funding and uses the opportunity to boost her own agenda, and by George, an out-of-work Shakespearean performer, who is relegated to produce and co-host a kids TV talk show. Add to this scenario four theater nerds with their own idiosyncrasies and what you get is A LONG SHOT!

It's a Long Shot was produced in the summer of 2020 as part of the Center Stage Academy Youth Education program for our virtual classes. 

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CSA TV.png

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