Audition Information

Rehearsals will be Monday – Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Thursday or Sunday evenings may also be added depending on holidays and/or actor conflicts. Please provide ALL conflicts beween audtions and the final performance March 15, 2020 at auditions. Non-disclosed conflicts may result in re-casting. (Conflicts include holidays).


Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Headshot and resume are appreciated, but not required. Feel free to email headshots and/or resumes to after you have completed auditions with your audition number. A photograph will be taken of each auditionee at auditions for reference; they will not be published. Please let the sign in person know if you do not wish to have your photo taken.


Please email any questions to


Anne Frank (lead female 13-16) Idealistic teen who grows and transforms into a young woman while hiding in Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation. She is hopeful, pure, spritely, and rebellious at times. This role is very demanding and will require attendance to ALL rehearsals. Depending on auditionees, may split role between young Anne and older Anne.

Otto Frank (lead male 40s-50s) Anne’s father and the glue that holds those hiding in the Annex together. He is a calming prescence and the only occupant to survive the concentration camps.

Edith Frank (supporting female 40s) Anne’s mother who tries to maintain the proper order of things even while in hiding. She can be critical, but loves her family fiercely.

Margot Frank (supporting female 16-20) Anne’s scholarly, soft-spoken older sister. She is calm and quiet, mostly keeping to herself.

Peter van Daan (supporting male 16-20) Son of Mr. Frank’s business partner whose family goes into hiding with the Franks. He is quiet and introverted at first, but ultimately finds a friend and first love in Anne.

Putti van Daan (supporting male late 30s-40s) Mr. Frank’s business partner who is boisterous and hot tempered. He is disapproving of Anne and Peter’s relationship.

Petronella Van Daan (supporting female late 30s-40s) Mr. van Daan’s vain wife who misses the days of their former affluence.

Jan Dussel (supporting male 30s-50s) Dentist who joins the Franks and van Daans in the Annex. He shares a room with Anne and is easily annoyed by her antics.

Miep Gies (minor female 20s -40s) One of the Annex occupants helpers who works for Mr. Frank and disagrees with the Nazi party. She rescues Anne’s diary after they are taken from the Annex.

Mr. Kraler (minor male 20s-40s) One of the Annex occupants helpers who works for Mr. Frank and disagrees with the Nazi party.