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Director – Keri Boe

Music Director – Royce Phillips


AUDITION DATES & TIMES ** Auditions by appointment only**

Sign-up for an audition spot here: CFTA Dear Miss Barrett Audition Sign Ups

Audition form can be completed here: CFTA Dear Miss Barrett Audition Form


Sunday, December 3rd: 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Monday, December 4th: 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Wednesday, December 6th: 7:00pm – CALLBACKS IF NEEDED


  • Prepare a 1-minute song in the style of the character you are auditioning for (please see character descriptions below). Accompanist will be provided, or you may use a tablet or phone for a track.

  • Dress to move in case you are asked to stay for a dance audition. Not everyone will be asked to stay and dance.

  • If callbacks are needed, you will be notified by 11am on Tuesday December 5th if you are being asked to callbacks on Wednesday December 6th


  • First rehearsal: Tuesday, December 12th, at 6:30pm – we will then not meet again until Sunday, January 7, 2024

  • Rehearsals Days & Times: Sundays (6:00-9:30pm), Tues, Thurs (7:00pm-9:30pm) with some potential Saturday rehearsals.

  • Tech Week: February 25, 2024 – February 29, 2024 - NO CONFLICTS ARE ALLOWED DURING TECH – there are no exceptions to this.


Show Dates and Times

  • March1 – March 10, 2024 - Fridays at 7:30pm, Saturdays at 2:00pm & 7:30pm, Sundays at 2:00pm



Character Profiles for Dear Miss Barrett


SARAH MARTIN            24, American, present-day, manages a combination rare-book and tea shop

                                           Vocal type: American Broadway soprano


ELIZABETH BARRETT  39, famous Victorian English poet (eldest child of Barrett family)

                                           English accent, just slightly more operatic (e.g., Julie Andrews), soprano


HENRY LANE                  25, American, graduate student of Romanesque architecture, Sarah’s boyfriend

                                           Vocal type: American Broadway tenor


ROBERT BROWNING  33, up and coming Victorian poet and secret suitor to Elizabeth Barrett

                                           English accent, semi-operatic baritone


EDWARD MOULTON BARRETT (PAPA) mid-60’s, tyrannical father of Elizabeth Barrett and her siblings

                                           English accent, semi-operatic, strong bass-to-baritone           


ENSEMBLE: (individuals may play multiple ensemble roles)


Elizabeth’s younger siblings: late 20’s to 30’s

Henrietta (age 36), Arabel, George, Alfred, and “Stormie” (representing full choral range, in variable assignments)


Customers in Sarah’s rare book and tea shop, present day American, mid-range ensemble singing. Ages can vary.


Elizabeth Wilson, Elizabeth Barrett’s nurse and friend, 50’s, English Accent, substantial spoken lines but no singing in the part of Wilson


Mary Russell Mitford, 40-50, middle-aged friend and author of Elizabeth, English accent


Present-day Italian café patrons in Pisa, Variable persons and numbers of them, including an Elderly Italian Couple and Quirky Man who intrudes on photos, all mid-range ensemble singing.


William Makepeace Thackeray, 35, English actor and famous author and friend visiting the Brownings in Pisa. No singing in this role


Jenn and Josh, American young couple in their 20’s, close friends of Sarah & Henry in America. Pop/Broadway singing voices, lots of personality.


Gina and Alfredo, young Italian couple in mid to late 20’s, friends of Sarah and Henry in Italy. Italian accents (speaking and singing in rock style) and able to dance in comedic American disco style.

Audition Information
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