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Director – Jake Ingrassia
Assistant Director – Lizzie Rider

Music Director – Allison Hall and Nicholas True

Stage Manager – Faith Griffin


AUDITION DATES & TIMES **Auditions by appointment only**

Sign-up for an audition spot here: BRING IT ON AUDITION SIGN-UP

Audition form can be completed here: BRING IT ON AUDITION FORM

Sunday, January 7th – 6:30pm – 9:30pm – Audition Night 1

Monday, January 8th – 6:30pm – 9:30pm – Audition Night 2

Wednesday, January 10th – 6:00pm – Finished– Dance / Cheer Call and Callbacks If Needed


  • Prepare a 1-minute song in the style of the show. Accompanist will be provided, or you may use a tablet or phone for a track.

  • If callbacks are needed, you will be notified the morning of Tuesday, January 9th, if you are being asked to callbacks on Wednesday, January 10th.


  • First rehearsal is Sunday, January 14th, at 6:00pm

  • Rehearsals will be Sundays (6:00-9:30pm), Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (6:45-9:45pm).

  • Cheer Camp will be select Sundays 1:00-5:00pm

  • Tech week is March 16th – March 21st - NO CONFLICTS ARE ALLOWED DURING TECH





A senior head cheerleader whose world gets turned upside-down when she transfers schools. She is constantly working towards the goal of a championship and her "one perfect moment". After using her friends to exact revenge, she realizes that friendship is much more lasting than a trophy. Gender: Female / Vocal Range: G3-F5



Campbell's neighbor and the newest member of the Buccaneers cheerleaders. Her initial impression is one of naiveté and meekness. But she proves to be a social climber who schemes to take over Campbell's life at any cost. Gender: Female / Range: A3-Eb5



One of the senior Buccaneers cheerleaders. Her popularity has given her quite the mean streak, though she does not have the brains to make up for it. Gender: Female / Range: G3-Gb5



One of the Buccaneers cheerleaders. An extremely loyal follower of Skylar who keeps her intelligence hidden under a bushel. Gender: Female / Range: G3-D5



The mascot for the Buccaneers. Nerdy, but she strives for a place on the cheerleading team. Despite being an outcast, she has a good heart and a great spirit. Gender: Female / Range: A3-F5



The head of the Jackson dance crew. She has fought her way from nothing to make a name for herself, which leads her to not put a lot of stock into people like Campbell. But she has a tendency to bring down her walls and embrace a true friendship. Gender: Female /  Range: F#3-F5



One of the Jackson dance crew. Not the sharpest person on the squad but is loud enough to make up for it. Gender: Female / Range: F3-Fb5


La Cienega

A transgender woman. Any ethnicity. Her gender is simply not an issue, accepted by her friends, barely referred to. BFFs with Nautica and Danielle. Has a wicked tongue but a generous spirit. Range: D3-E5



Jackson's school DJ, mellow and friendly. A true Cinderella story, working his way from a dorky freshman to a smooth senior. He becomes attracted to Campbell for her heart, bravery, and determination. Gender: Male / Range: C#3-A4



One of the Jackson students and a hip-hop artist. His hormones make him lust after Bridget. Gender: Male / Range: Eb3-A4



One of the Jackson students, a hip-hop artist. A combination class clown and attempted ladies' man, but he strives for fame and fortune. Gender: Male / Range: Db3-G4



The only male cheerleader on the Buccaneers and Campbell's boyfriend. Tender and comforting, but not the most adept to his surroundings. Gender: Male / Range: D3-Bb4


Male and Female Ensemble – to play assorted speaking roles as well as being a strong singing ensemble. Several Featured Vocal solos.


Dance / Cheer Ensemble

There will be a dance / cheer only ensemble in this production. We are looking for approximately 12 very strong dancers / cheerleaders. These dancers/cheerleaders do not need to be able to sing.

Audition Information
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