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The Art Gallery is the most versatile space at the Center for the Arts, serving as a reception hall, practice space for our theatrical productions, and housing a concession stand and full-service bar. Most importantly, it holds a rotating selection of curated art from local artists.

For inquiries related to the art gallery, please contact us at (615) 904-2787 or

Lens.scape (TV).png

Featuring Photography by Derek Gaumer and Ashleigh Newnes

Images captured in photographs tell a story. Whether it be a wave on a beach or a musician on a stage, an artist’s eye shapes the way we view each image.  Their attention to lines, light, human expression and natural beauty brings movement and life to still images. By bringing dimension and depth to an otherwise fixed moment, the photographer invites the viewer to take part in a journey of exploration. Photographic art is created by blending the physical and the perceived, superimposing perception over reality to create something new that encapsulates both.  As a collection, Lens-scape presents a variety of photographs by two Middle Tennessee artistswith an eye for the unique beauty of a moment. Each is a strong storyteller with images that transport the viewer to another place or another moment in time.


Submit your work to be considered for an art exhibition in our Art Gallery. All media of art will be considered: sculpture, paintings, photography, costume or textile, etc.  


Each exhibition includes a complimentary Artist Reception that takes place on the opening night of one of our main stage shows.

Contact with questions regarding the Art Gallery and other programs.

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